Mouzakis Constructions is the leading construction company in Zakynthos.
We offer turn-key solutions for your house on Zante island at low cost and excellent quality. We undertake to carry out the study of the building you wish to have constructed, land proposals and purchase if you don’t have already an estate in the island, we take care of the necessary building licensing, execute the construction according to a detailed budget analysis of the works to be performed, with a monthly payments’ plan, measurement file, schedule of the project, we ensure the payment of Social Security Insurance payments, delivering the key of the building of your dreams to you, ready to move in. Thanks to our great experience we can guarantee the quality of your house construction and a professional collaboration built on trust.
Mouzakis Constructions offers the best prices for the work and materials of each construction. We purchase the materials from suppliers at excellent prices which are better than any individual could obtain. That means we can offer you the lowest cost.


Ecological / Green houses

Ecological / Green houses are constructed with environmentally friendly materials and their purpose is to protect not only human beings, but also the environment.
These houses save energy through the use of alternative energy sources, thus the owner of a green home does not pollute the environment and, at the same time, saves money by reducing fuel consumption and the cost of electro-mechanical installations for heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting. Ecological / Green homes boost economic savings because they use less energy and demand less repairs as they are created from durable construction materials in relation to conventional houses.

Beyond the economic and environmental benefits, the most significant advantage for someone to own such a house is protecting his or her own health. It has been proven that these houses are more suitable for people with respiratory problems as the construction materials used do not contain toxic substances that pollute the air inside the house itself and do not promote the growth of mould. A green house can help battle dyspnoea as its natural ventilation systems replace the air within the house with clear air from outside the building. Our company undertakes the study and construction of green homes at especially affordable prices, always faithfully following the specifications demanded for their creation.

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